Star Wars Lego 75102: Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (review in English)


I’ll admit it, I was a bit worried for the new Star Wars movie. However, in the first trailer J.J. Abrams has shown us, we could already see Stormtroopers, Tie-Fighters and X-wings. Not the old rustbuckets, held together with rusty bolts and bent screws, but brand new versions and modern iterations of our favourite space crafts. This seems promising for day-one fans. Hope springs eternal. Today we present to you Lego’s Poe’s X-Wing Fighter !


A New Hope

On the box we can see the X-wing being chased in full flight by a couple of Tie-Fighers. Thr surroundings are snowy and have mountains. We could be reminded of Hoth, but we saw a squadron of X-Wings fly over a large lake in the trailer. It could be any planet. The name of the extra pilot in this set is intriguing: Resistance X-Wing Pilot, meaning that the Rebels from the classic trilogy are now the Resistance. To rebel is to fight against an established order, to resist is to fight against an occupier (probably The First Order). The symbols on the helmets are still the recognisable markings they have always been, meaning their origin has stayed the same.


The X-Wing fighter itself is an upgraded version of the classic and well-known Incom T-65 X-Wing, the main difference being that the 4 engines are nicely incorporated in the wings now. They nicely connect, making it look like there are only 2 engines. This gives a slim and elegant look to the ship. Another eye-catching difference with the old version is the use of colours: orange and black. But don’t panic, this combination works! Even better, working with different colours makes the building process a lot of fun! All kinds of colours in all kinds of shapes are used, and yet the entire thing stays consistent. Furthermore, the clever use of SNOT-techniques (studs not on top for experts; giving the X-wing a smooth exterior by using a lot of elements without studs for those not up to date on their Lego knowledge) makes it look like the bodywork of an expensive supercar has been placed on top of it. This X-Wing blows us away, both literally (due to multiple use of Fire Flick Missiles – one on each wing and one on each side) and figuratively; A clever piece of Lego engineering helps you lock the 4 wings in attack position, using a lever which has been cunningly hidden on the top between other greebles). Useful while swooshing. A small downside is the easily collapsible support on the front. The little hinge seems unable to support the full weight of the nose, making it look like it could collapse every moment. Beauty over functionality, it is the Sign of the Times. The extras are nice additions. There is even a ladder included, meaning the pilots can climb into their cockpit (which has been equipped with a control stick) “themselves”. Finally, a ground transportation device with a Sullustan technician takes the pilots wherever they want to go. A job well done, Lego.


The transportation device and the ladder give this set extra value, and they give collectors more to look at.

The figurines



Dressed to impress. Only BB-8 still has to get used to its new status of fan favourite.

This set contains three figurines, as well as BB-8 (already the darling of the upcoming Star Wars movie). This last figurine contains 2 entirely new lego elements, perfectly capturing the cure character of this droid. Due to its 2×2 format, it is smaller by half than its predecessor, R2-D2, meaning it can use a smaller opening in the X-Wing. As always, there are 2 pilots are packed together with the X-Wing, Poe and an anonymous pilot. The colour of their jumpsuits is remarkable. In previous sets, these were bright orange, but now Lego has made them dark orange, probably matching the colour from the movies better. However, judging from the trailers, the colour of their new jumpsuits is red. The true breakthrough is to be found in the helmets. They have been finished using the utmost care and eye for detail. While a visor was still printed on the faces of the previous generation of Lego pilots, transparent plastic visor has been incorporated in the helmet. We have already seen something like this in the Lego Ant-Man and Avengers: Age Of Ultron series. A large improvement, seeing as there is no orange print anymore on a pilot who takes of his helmet. The printing and detail of the figurines shows the impressive feats of Lego 2015 as well. Apart from a couple of mysterious, but highly detailed symbols on the side of the helmets – we can even decipher “Mother” on the co-pilot’s helmet – we can see the high level of detail on the figurines’ legs and torsos, beautiful pieces which no collection should lack.


Mother” – don’t we all call for her in times of need?

Roæ Hal

Roæ Hal” – whoever he may be, strongly resembles “Poe”


The new X-Wing standing proudly next to its predecessors.



The X-Wing pilots have truly evolved. Note the different shades of orange. This prompts the question why Lego hasn’t made this switch before. The visor in the new helmets also adds extra value.


There is a clever handle on the top which you can use to lock the four wings in the desired position with a quarter turn. The large presence of SNOT-elements adds to the pimped-up, chromed-out pussywagon level.


The way in which Lego has approached this new generation of X-Wings shows respect for an icon in film and toy history. To a large number of fans, the X-Wing represents one of the symbols of Star Wars. This set is a true homage to it. The modernisation should ensure that this classic spacecraft will stand the test of time.

Recommended selling price: €100, 717 pieces.

Should you buy Poe’s X-Wing fighter?
+ Always buy X-Wings!
+ BB-8! New X-Wing pilots!
+ Nice use of SNOT
+ Sturdy construction, allowing you to
swoosh through your living room.

– Expensive compared to the extras
– Because…er…hmmm
– Why?
– Too many stickers. Let’s leave it at that.

9.3 The puzzle fits

While we did use to get more spaceship for our money, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter is a great remake of the classic X-Wing. The new motors in the engines give it a modern look. The orange and black colour scheme may be daring, but still works. This set contains a large number of colours, making building it both diverse and fun. The attention to detail is high, in part because of the clever use of SNOT-techniques. This gives this fighter a smooth and awesome exterior. Although it looks slim, the constructed fighter is stull sturdy. Children will be able to play and fly with it for hours on end, and collectors will love to have it in their display case. BB-8 has already been received with open arms by many fans. Including it is this set is a nice bonus.
A true hit, at least for those willing to dig deep in their pockets. Others could always wait until a large toy chain sells it at a discount.

  • Fun 9
  • Design 9
  • Figurines 10

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