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This December, we’ll be diving deeper into the rich treasure chest of stories that is the Star Wars myth with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first film of the Star Wars Anthology Series. New adventures, new heroes, and of course new space ships. Such as, for example, the TIE Striker.

And LEGO has certainly taken notice as well. Their Star Wars construction sets have been doing great for years, and the new TIE Striker – specifically designed for atmospheric dog fights – is almost certainly sure to be a popular asset for the LEGO display of many a collector. This set, LEGO 75154: TIE Striker, contains 543 blocks for a recommended price of 79,99 euros. The box is comprised of 5 bags with parts, a bulky booklet with building instructions and a sticker sheet containing 10 stickers.


We start off as usual with the minifigs. The set has four figures: a TIE Pilot for the fighter, an Imperial Ground Crew, the cool new Imperial Shoretrooper, which is currently exclusively available in this set, and a single Rebel Trooper, who is vastly outgunned by the troops of the Galactic Empire. All figures have a unique helmet piece, a detailed print on the legs and an accessory.
Especially the perfectly finished Rebel Trooper’s helmet is impressive, painted in no less than 4 different colours, a detailed mold and a very fine print that’s very nice work indeed. This set doesn’t include characters with a name, which is a pity, but definitely not abnormal. Minifigs of the film’s heroes will probably be part of sets in which they can interact with the construction in a cool way, rather than serve as a target for an enemy fighter like our poor, lonely Rebel Trooper.

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The set’s main attraction, the TIE Striker, is huge. Personally, as a relatively experienced builder but far from an expert, it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to build the fighter. The vehicle consists of three parts; the cockpit and the two massive wings. It’s very noticable how much stock has been put into robustness. The cockpit as well as the wings have been reinforced in various ways, which makes the TIE Striker a very playable set. But therein lies the paradox of this set: the spaceship is solid enough to survive playing kids, even though the build itself is a bit on the complex side for the cockpit.

However, that complexity and the use of Technic pieces in the cockpit are essential to the TIE Striker. While building the set, I kept wondering whether the wings, which can be folded up and down, wouldn’t be too heavy to put the set in an upright position. The cockpit isn’t very large, but I wasn’t really looking forward to supporting the wings with my fingertips. But thanks to a simple, subtle but highly efficient mechanism on either side of the cockpit, you can click the wings into an upright position and then bring them back down again just as easily.

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In contrast to the ingenuity of the build are the rather limited play features. As mentioned, the wings’ position can be changed. In addition, the cockpit can be opened using two hatches, there’s a cargo hold in which you can store some accessories and the TIE Striker comes with two spring missiles, which you can fire using the bottom half of your fingers when you move them to the space in the cockpit.

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Aesthetically, the TIE Striker is superb as well, a feast for the eyes. The build is incredibly streamlined and looks very slick thanks to the use of smooth pieces on the wings. The cockpit has been built to fit on your hand perfectly, which makes the set incredibly suited for indulging in your guilty pleasures and swoosh through the living room. Damn, the creators have even provided spaces to put your fingers in.

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Regarding the stickers: with ten pieces, this set contains a lot of them, but they’re no eyesores. All in all, they’re relatively simple to apply and even if you stick them on a bit crookedly, it’s hardly noticeable and your TIE Striker still looks as cool as ever.


All things considered, despite the rather limited play features, the TIE Striker is well worth its money and will delight rabid Star Wars fans as well as LEGO builders with less affinity for the franchise. It’s elegant and robust, has a thought-through design and will look gorgeous in your LEGO display. I can definitely recommend it!


9 Ingenious

The LEGO TIE Striker is nothing short of art. Though the play features are rather limited, you'll be taking your sweet time to build this colossus, the design of which is both robust and functional. Did we mention it's perfectly suited to swoosh?

  • Play value 7
  • Design 8

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